Advisory Board

Claudio Albanese
Vice President, Licensing Activities
Peter Armstrong
Vice President, Business Development
Lars Borger
Vice President, Strategy & Long Term Development, Renewable Polymers & Chemicals
James Cao
Senior Technical Sales Manager - Aromatics Licensing
Yugender Chikkula
Manager of Technology - APC/Digitalization
Outi Ervasti
Vice President, Renewable Hydrogen
Juana Frontela Delgado
Head of Research
Joseph Gentry
Vice President, Licensing
Barinder Ghai
Director Technical Marketing and New Business Development, EMEA
Ajay Gupta
Vice President, Research and Development
Terry Helton
Kheng Lau
Simulation Advisor, Process & Process Safety Engineering, Innovation & Engineering (I&E)
Thorsten Loehl
Director, Science & Technology, I&T
Isa Mbarka
Sustainability Improvement Director Hydrocarbons Technology Center
Joseph McMullen
Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager, Value Chain Optimization
Shailendra Mohite
Manufacturing Advisor
Lakshmi Narayana
Senior Consultant - Master Planning & Modeling
David Reed
Director of Plant Maintenance
Giacomo Rispoli
Chief Executive Officer
Karl Rufener
Technology Licensing Manager for the Americas
Joy Shah
John Tharakan
Advisory Engineering - Mechanical