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The International Refining and Petrochemical Conference (IRPC) invites you to submit your abstracts and join a global network of industry leaders in shaping the future of refining and petrochemicals. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your expertise and contribute to the conversation on critical topics, such as:

Ethylene and Ethylene Derivatives (PE, HDPE, LDPE, Propylene PP, etc.): Share advancements and insights on ethylene production, derivatives, and their various applications in the petrochemical industry.

Circular Economy & Plastics Recycling: Discuss innovative strategies and technologies that promote a circular economy, reduce waste, and drive sustainable plastic recycling solutions.

Project Management/Turnaround: Explore best practices, lessons learned, and case studies on effective project management and turnaround strategies in the refining and petrochemical sectors.

Green Petrochemicals: Present sustainable and environmentally-friendly approaches to petrochemical production, focusing on reducing emissions and conserving resources.

Refining – Petrochemical Integration: Discuss ways to optimize operations through integration, collaboration, and synergies between refining and petrochemical processes.

Methanol, Ammonia, and Urea Production: Share advances and challenges in the production of methanol, ammonia, and urea, and their significance in the global energy landscape.

Major Projects: Showcase groundbreaking projects that have made a significant impact on the refining and petrochemical industries.

Biofuels, Alternative/Renewable Fuels: Explore the latest developments in biofuels, alternative, and renewable fuel technologies, and their role in meeting global energy demands.

Catalysts: Discuss innovations in catalyst technologies that enhance efficiency, selectivity, and sustainability in refining and petrochemical processes.

Refining – Process Optimization (FCC, Alkylation, Coking, Treating, Hydrocracking): Share expertise on optimizing refining processes to improve productivity, efficiency, and environmental performance.

Sustainability: Present strategies, initiatives, and technologies that promote long-term sustainability in the refining and petrochemical sectors.

Emerging Process Technologies – Petrochemicals or Refining: Explore cutting-edge process technologies that hold promise for the future of the refining and petrochemical industries.

Maintenance and Reliability: Discuss best practices and technologies for enhancing asset reliability and optimizing maintenance strategies.

Digital Transformation: Share insights on leveraging digital technologies to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth in refining and petrochemical operations.

Process Controls, Instrumentation, and Automation: Explore advancements in process control systems, instrumentation, and automation that improve operational performance and safety.

Plant Design, Engineering, Construction & Commissioning: Present innovative approaches to plant design, engineering, construction, and commissioning that enhance project success and reduce risks.

Submit your abstract today and help advance the industry through knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and innovation. Your insights will play a crucial role in addressing the evolving challenges and opportunities in the downstream sector.