Speaker Name
Venkataramana Runkana
Job Title
Chief Scientist

Dr. Venkat Runkana is currently the Chief Scientist and leads the program on Research and Innovation for Manufacturing and Engineering in TCS. Venkat is a chemical engineer by education and holds a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Engineering from Columbia University, New York. He has more than 30 years of experience in process modeling, simulation and optimization, advanced data analytics and digital twins, process development, scale-up and design, nanomaterials, and drug delivery systems. Specifically, Venkat and his team have developed and implemented model-based optimization and digital twin solutions in chemicals, minerals and metals, power, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and automotive industries in India and abroad.

The attendees will understand the challenges in performing mass balance in the refineries and will understand how we can accelerate generating mass balance reports by leveraging artificial intelligence. The attendees further understand the impact of this solution on a regular refinery.