Speaker Name
Marcus Trygstad
Job Title
Chief Technology Officer

Co-founder of Aduro Clean Technologies, Mr. Trygstad is also co-inventor with Dr. Anil Jhawar of the Aduro Hydrochemolytic™ technology. With graduate training in mechanistic organic chemistry, polymer science, and chemometrics, Mr. Trygstad applied these disciplines in a long career in the process automation industry, having presented and won awards for numerous papers in the application of process spectroscopy at industry conferences including ISA, ASTM, and FACSS/SciX. Also the author/co-author of more than 15 patents, the fields of invention include not only process spectroscopy and automation, but most recently the thermocatalytic upgrading of renewable oils and the application of Hydrochemolytic technology for upgrading heavy oil/bitumen and upcycling end-of-life waste plastic into hydrocarbon liquids.

After attending this session, the attendee will have a better understanding of/be able to: • Provide perspective on engineered plastics as the result of nine decades of innovation • Understand the profile of waste “resins” (plastics) in municipal solid waste streams • Characterize the challenge of chemical recycling in terms of energetics and kinetics • Inventory the possibilities and limitation of long-established options for chemical recycling of waste plastics • Examine the possibilities to augment those with the benefits of Hydrochemolytic™ technology