Speaker Name
Lara Rabbath
Job Title
Marketing Manager - Refining & Sustainability

Lara Rabbath is a chemical engineer working for Emerson in Boulder, Colorado. She is currently a marketing manager for Measurement Solutions as a subject matter expert for refining and sustainability. Prior to working for Emerson, Lara was a permit writer for the Division of Air Resource Management, the air permitting headquarters for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Lara has dedicated her career to the environment by supporting sustainability initiatives, with a passion for economic empowerment and innovation.

Whether decarbonization efforts are focused on energy and emissions reductions, renewable fuels production, carbon capture, or a shift towards petrochemical production, digital technologies are an important part of the journey towards a more sustainable future. The digital ecosystem starts at the foundational level with smart instruments, valves, and analyzers, moves up to monitoring common assets with a wireless infrastructure, and continues to analyze and optimize the performance and efficiency of process units and more complex assets to identify operational problems before they occur. Real-time monitoring of carbon and energy intensity can only result in tangible and quantifiable improvements. This presentation will discuss several examples of the value of digital technologies for various decarbonization paths.