Speaker Name
Dalal Alqallaf
Job Title
Senior Engineer, Operational Planning

Ms. Dalal is a Chemical Engineer graduated from Kuwait University. Has a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and MBA from Kuwait University College of Business Administration. Worked in several projects in the oil and gas industry and lately in the Clean Fuel Project at KNPC refinery. Participated in many studies and analysis and has a considerable knowledge in the petroleum products and the petroleum industry overall.Worked in Kuwait National petroleum company since 2012 till date. Current occupation is Senior Engineer in Operational Planning division at MAA refinery.

The attendees will get a historical view on Kuwait Gasoline demand decline due to COVID19 epidemic, its impact, operations adjustment and how it was managed. A comprehensive analysis of the difficulties and challenges that was experienced and units’ adaptation in meeting the COVID19 epidemic. KNPC’s Clean Fuel Project (CFP) commissioning, which included new gasoline producing units, the epidemic impact had on gasoline demand in Kuwait, and how KNPC turned from gasoline importer to an exporter of this commodity.